Food Culture in the Post-COVID-19 Era:

Tradition, Industry and Regional Promotion




November 26th (Sat) – 27th (Sun), 2022

(Detailed schedule will be posted in our next round notice.)


Venue in Japan: Ritsumeikan University Biwako-Kusatsu Campus (BKC).

Noji-Higashi 1-1-1, Kusatsu, Shiga-ken, Japan 525-8577

Venue in China: Luofu Mountain Taixue School, Guangdong Province

+ online via ZOOM Webinar, available for the registered only.

To whom studied on food and worked with food,

We are glad to tell you the 12th Asian Food Study Conference is going to be held on this weekend. For the past three years, we have witnessed the power of this 'wave of death' that has swept through societies, with a range of effects continuing – not just as a medical phenomenon, but also as a political and social one. In the post-COVID-19 era, to live with the virus is probably the reality. But how to live with it in a responsible way counts to every country, every community and every individual, especially in the field of food. It’s about survival, living and lasting cultures and civilizations.

This year for the conference, we insisted to have onsite plus online, with service of whole interpretations (English, Mandarin and Japanese). There are six keynote speakers who will address the tone in perspectives of history, sociology, economy, policies, ethics and activities. There are seven panel sessions within thirty-nine selected speakers to make their presentations. All issues in the discussion are focused on change, dilemmas, and sustainability. It also draws our attention that there has been a number of brilliant young scholars whom are sophisticated and sharp, passionate on food studies. In the coming days of pleasant and inspiration, you are expected to join us!

Tips1.For the intensive arrangement, please do make your presentation in time. 2.Presenters should send their update slides no late than 26th if it’s necessary.



1. Registration

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4. For online participants, the zoom links with code will be sent by e-mail at 24th. please check-in with your real name while enter with the zoom link. Our link is functioned for the registered only.

Online meeting (Conference material PDF)

General delegates :8000 JPY

Student delegates :4000 JPY



Committee of Asian Food Study Conference

President: ZHAO Rongguang

Rotating President: MINAMI Naoto

Secretariat: ASAKURA Toshio (Director), ARATA Mariko,

WANG Si, LI Na, LIU Zhengyu, YIN Xiaoxing

Interpreters: WANG Qiong, DONG Dongyu, ZHU Dandan, LIU Yunting

Live Streaming: SU Xianhua, LIAO Yunjuan

Media: LI Jiansheng, XU Xiaohui

Logistics: ZENG Xuelian, DENG Liang, YANG Xueqi, YAN Xinxin, LIU Guiya


International Research Center for Gastronomic Science of Ritsumeikan University


Guangdong Luofu Mountain Taixue School


If you have any questions or advice, please feel free to contact us at (English, Japanese and Chinese are available).

You may follow our page on Facebook @ AsianFoodStudyConference.

Also, you may contact with our secretariat

Amanda: +86 186-6809-9229 (For Mandarin & English)

NANA: +81 080-4623-3741 (For Japanese & English)