- Herbs and Spices -

Traditional Asian Foods and Foodways in Modern Society



15 July 2023

(About agenda and presentation)

Dear Participants,


Thank you for being patient and supportive. This year our conference will gather over one hundred food researchers and enthusiasts from twenty-two countries and regions including Thailand, China, Japan, Korea, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Singapore, Cambodia, Philippines, Myanmar, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, as well as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Hawaii. There are four keynote speakers and six invited speakers, forty-nine selected for oral presentations in nine panel sessions, plus two for poster presentations. Due to limited time and budget, not every panel gets interpretation service, but all have zoom webinar for online participants. We can’t wait to be educated by our phenomenal scholars and communications with them. It is an opportunity to broad our vision on herbs and spices, especially from multi-ethnic groups in Southeast Asia. Hope this conference can help with a good connection and a little progress for whom studied on food and enthusiastic on the meaningful practice of it. We are looking forward to meeting you soon.


- Herbs and Spices -

Traditional Asian Foods and Foodways in Modern Society


August 17-18 2023 (Thursday, Friday, Bangkok time)


Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel (online via Zoom webinar)

Address: 2 Charoen Krung Road Soi 30, Bangkok 10500, Thailand



Institute of Thai Studies, Chulalongkorn University

Committee of Asian Food Study Conference


International Research Center for Gastronomic Science of Ritsumeikan University

Zhejiang Merchant Institute of Zhejiang Gongshang University

Chinese Food Culture Institute of Zhejiang Gongshang University


President: ZHAO Rongguang

Rotating President: Ritirong Jiwakanon

Committee Director: ASAKURA Toshio

Committee Member: Pram Sounsamut, Seubpong Changboonchu

             WANG Si, LI Na, LIU Zhengyu, LI Jiansheng, SU Xianhua


1. Deadline for the full text (manuscript and PPT) is Friday August 4th (required for simultaneous interpretation, please do not overdue).

2. Deadline for registration and payment is Tuesday August 15th (for online non-student delegates).

3. Wednesday August 16th is check-in date and 3:00-5:00pm for Zoom Webinar Testing.

4. Conference dates are Thursday & Friday August 17th &18th.

 ※Time schedule is based on JST (UTC +7).


Payment link for online non-student participants:

Participant In China→ Please review the Chinese version.

Participant out of China→ https://asianfoodstudy2023.peatix.com/

*For those to Bangkok venue, please manage your visa, round-trip tickets and hotel. Reception Dinner at 17th and 18th are for invited guests only, the participant will have to pay to join the dinner.


1. Please read the attached tentative program for detail. Correct us if there is anything inappropriate or inaccurate.

2. The Thai Institute of Chulalongkorn University is in charge of the Invited Speeches and Panel Session B1-B3. In there, each one has 20 minutes for a presentation. Panel A1-A5&B4 is in charged by Chinese Food Culture Institute of Zhejiang Gongshang University and International Research Center for Gastronomic Science of Ritsumeikan University, every presentation has to finish in 15 minutes, plus 15 minutes Q&A for the group when all are done.

3. All participants need to bring their own phone or laptop with earphones for zoom webinar. Use it as a translator receiver when you at the general session and Panel A1-A5. Another room for Panel B1-B4 is for English only.

4. Please understand our work for livestreaming and English-Mandarin-Japanese Interpretation is complicated, that we are trying to improve your experience which needs you to submit your script and PowerPoint slides before August 4th (Friday). The committee and translators are obligated to maintain the confidentiality of your submission.     

0715 Agenda 13th AFSC-Eng.pdf


If participants book through with the conference, the Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel will offer a special group rate of 4,500 THB net, including breakfast. The room is limited in quota. Additional guests are welcome at a rate of 1500 THB/person/night, including breakfast.

Also, you can book your hotel via Booking, Agoda, etc. The Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel is located near the Chao Phraya River. However, we do not recommend a hotel at the west river bank, otherwise you might have trouble with shuffle boat. As the hotel is very close to Chinatown District, there are many choices of a small budget and Boutiques hotel within walking distance.


If you have any questions or advice, please feel free to contact us at asianfoodstudies@outlook.com  (English, Japanese and Chinese are available).

Our website is https://www.asianfoodstudyconference.com/

You may follow our page on Facebook @ AsianFoodStudyConference