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Traditional Asian Foods and Foodways in Modern Society



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Committee of Asian Food Study Conference

Institute of Thai Studies, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

International Research Center for Gastronomic Science, Ritsumeikan University, Japan


Spices and herbs are dominant in Asian Cuisine. It provides aroma and taste that light up dishes. Every spice and herb also supports health benefits, turning daily food into eatable medicine. Asian people use various spices and herbs in their dishes ranging from raw materials to seasoning. The combination of protein, both from plants and animal, generously added with spices and herbal plants is the most common cooking technique for many Asian foods. Besides, the more complex dish involves in mixing various spices with herbs, the more distinctive character the dish becomes. In terms of history, spice is an unsung chronicle of culture. The linkage and exchange between east and west, both from the silk road trading and during the time of imperialism, are all concerned with food culture focusing on using spices. It is considered that the influence of Asian spices in all food from around the world is a footprint of the legacy of our intangible cultural heritage tracing the journey and understanding the rich culture of tossing it in various cuisines. Resulting in enhancing the understanding of the relation about food and life.  This year, the 13th Asian Food Study Conference will focus on the knowledge and the usage of herbs and spices, especially in Asian food. The researchers are invited to discover and rediscover the uniqueness of spices in all aspects; culinary, anthropology, food science and technology, history, future food, food safety, food security, sustainable development, cultural phenomena, contemporary and popular food, food matrix and standard, etc. Although the main purpose of our conference is to bring scholars interested in food culture studies, we also welcome those worked on it and other topics that will enlarge the knowledge about food origins and practiced in Asia.



Our forum is designed to be a gathering of international scholars who have an interest in foods and foodways. We anticipate approximately 48 articles will be presented, including the opening lecture on “Herbs and Spices: traditional Asian foods and foodways in modern society”. English, Mandarin and Japanese are general languages. We estimate over 150 participants in this conference, three quarters of which will be international academic scholars, with the balance reserved for young ASEAN researchers and university students to broaden their knowledge. 

Usefulness and Outcome:


17-18 August 2023 (Thu.&Fri.) 


Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Plus online by zoom webinar.

Abstract Submission:

The deadline for abstract submission is 31 May 2023.  Please read the QR code below (or visit https://forms.gle/5TvLjfsR3FxBB3ne7) and fill the application form include your abstract, title and affiliated. The code is also accessible for whom would like to participant only.

The paper acceptance will be announced by 30 June 2023. The abstract should be no less than 500 words, and please send it in a form of MS word. Meanwhile we appreciate donation and supports, and any advice when necessary. 

Feel free to email us at: asianfoodstudies@outlook.com

Registeration Fee:

On-site participation: Free of charge

Online participation: Early bird (until 6/30)  1,800.00 Bt

                                   Regular 2,500.00 Bt

Free for students

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After registration, read the payment detail carefully as below:

Participant In China→ Please review the Chinese version.

Participant out of China→ https://asianfoodstudy2023.peatix.com 

When you succeed to fill the online submitted form, don’t forget to complete the payment link until the deadline on the table.

2. For online participants, the zoom links with code will be sent by e-mail before the conference. Please check-in with your real name while enter with the zoom link. Our link is functioned for the registered only.




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